I see everyone happy in a long term relationship, getting engaged, getting married. I had that, that use to be me, everyone wanted what we had. And then you left. 

I thought things were suppose to get easier with time. I think everyday it gets harder accepting the fact you are further gone from me, and that there is no returning back to what once was

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Anonymous How do you revise and study for exams and tests? I find it it quite difficult! Love your blog! xxx

The biggest key to studying for exams is reviewing the material the day you were presented with it. Teachers always recommend it and I never thought it would help that much. Boy was I wrong! Reviewing the material more than a day or two before the exam helps A TON to remembering the information.

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girumannn Oh cool! I'm a senior in high school and I plan on becoming a vet in the future! I wanted to major in biomedical sciences but got discouraged and requested a major change.. To biology. Can you tell me about your undergrad experiences and how it's like? Like your classes and and stuff :)

Do not get discouraged at all! In my opinion talking to my fellow classmates, a biomedical science major has seemed to prepare us for veterinary school the best. Don’t get me wrong, it is still very very very difficult, but it helps having a background in this subject. I absolutely loved every single one of my undergrad classes, especially Organic Chemistry. The medical field fascinates me and I could learn about it all day. My hardest class was General Chemistry because it was so hard to see application to every day life! Good luck in college, work hard and have some fun! 

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Anonymous What did you major in?

I majored in Biomedical Sciences and had a minor in Chemistry.  But veterinary schools will take students with all majors; they want diverse backgrounds. I have people in my class that were English, Art, or graphic design majors. We also have a women that was a lawyer for 15 years! 

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Here is one thing that bothers the crap out of me. So many girls become obsessed with certain things and they think they are SO cool for becoming overly obsessive about it and have to display this obsession all over social media.

For Example:

Girls pretending to date pizza….

Girls saying “I can’t…”

Girls hashtagging everything with #blessed

Girls that say they are forever alone and give off the impression they want to be single when they are striving for every single guy’s attention.

Seriously be yourself! I feel like so many people are conforming into what they think is so cool, when really they are exactly the same as the next annoying girl next to them. 

Rant Over…

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Anonymous Why did you started university so late? Don't want to be mean, just curious

I started going to college right after I graduated high school. I graduated with my B.S.in four years, and now am attending veterinary school. I know over in England they attend veterinary school right after high school, but that is not how it works in the United States!

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prepsylvania-deactivated2014022 Hi! I hope you don't mind me asking, but what did you major in for your undergrad studies and how difficult was it for you?

I was a Biology major with an emphasis in biomedical sciences. I also had a Chemistry major. For me, it was difficult because the classes have A LOT of information presented, but it was interesting to me so I enjoyed learning about all of it. :)

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